We provide auditing services of financial statements under a variety of circumstances, and for different purposes, to:

Companies of all types and sizes
Federal Government agencies
State and Municipal Governments

1. Auditing of financial statements.

The purpose of this is to issue an independent professional report on the veracity with which the financial statements present the financial standing and operating results of a company, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

The approach to auditing consists of undertaking "a review of the economic entity and not just the books". In this way, we emphasize that the audit must go beyond the accounting entries and investigate the operations and transactions behind them.

In practice, we have noted that the observations we make in non-accounting areas during an audit using this approach have allowed for better control over goods, and improvements in the internal information supporting management decisions.

In order to achieve adequate coverage in the review of documents and make this more effective, we employ a quality process through established controls to improve results.

As a result of our auditing, we draft a brief containing observations and recommendations which we present to company management in order to improve internal control and compliance with tax obligations.

2. Report for tax purposes. To complement the examination of financial statements, it is possible to extend the audit process so as to comply with tax provisions. We prepare a report at the request of the client in accordance with the legal requirements of authorities and current guidelines.

3. Financial auditing.

4. Operations auditing.

5. Issuance of special opinions.

We provide opinions on certain entries on balance sheets or results statements for the granting of credits or other purposes.

6. Audits of IMSS, INFONAVIT and Payroll Taxes

7. Company diagnostics for future investors