Tax consulting

In response to the way the economy is evolving, tax legislation is becoming more and more complex, and requires true specialists in order to interpret and apply it properly.

As a result, it is vital that all obligations laid out in tax law are complied with as any violations may give rise to surcharges and fines that could prove highly costly and put the continuity of the business at risk, and even imply jail terms.

In addition to our firm, we have set up alliances with consultants with broad experience in the tax field and high standards of professionalism, who advise our clients in order to achieve the best options within the tax legal framework.

The services we provide in this field are:

Attending to inquiries on the interpretation of tax laws and their application to specific operations.

Preparation of special studies whose purpose is to come up with a favorable tax burden, in line with what is legally possible.

Preparation of studies for the planning of new companies, restructuring, acquisitions or the sale of companies, mergers and spin-offs, for example. A

Representation before tax authorities in lobbying to secure specific resolutions. A

Review and preparation of tax declarations.

Preparation of personal tax declarations for foreigners living in Mexico.

Collaboration with auditors in the study of the tax consequences of transactions recorded by the client.

Collaboration with the client's legal representatives in the event of litigation before tax courts. A